Intro to RStudio Cloud

How to setup RStudio Cloud for Collaboration

Team pol346 (Princeton University, Department of Politics)

Please note, this is a DRAFT. If you have any difficulty or suggestiongs, feedback is welcome. Please email .

  1. Go to

  2. Click Sign-up and create an account

  3. Once you have an account and are logged in to RStudio Cloud, click New Project

  4. Toward the top of the screen, click “Untitled Project” and rename your project something like “Report2_proj”

  5. Adjust the settings so you can share this project with teammates:

    • click the GEAR icon in the upper right of the window
    • click the ACCESS lock icon, and change the pop-up menu to EVERYONE

  1. Invite your teammates to join the project by clicking the CIRCLE DOTS menu and select SHARE PROJECT LINK.

  1. See the GUIDE in the left navigation for more detail on sharing and saving or follow this link:

  1. To upload your Rmd files and data, find the FILES pane \(\rightarrow\) UPLOAD tab.

  1. For more detail on uploading, see this link:

  2. You will need to install packages. If you are only using a few packages, the fastest solution will be to run install.packages() for those specific packages.

    • A simple but slower solution is to install all the packages that we recommend for POL346 by copying and pasting the following command into your RStudio Cloud console (this will take a few minutes: